Our All You Can Eat buffet menu has something for everyone!  Starting from the world famous Kalbi to Chadol (thin sliced brisket), Samgyusal (pork belly), Bulgogi, Black Angus Ribeye and many more!


From our Banchan (side-dish) table, you will find freshly cut vegetables with special house made dressings and a large selection of authentic Korean Banchan. 


In addition to grilling items and Banchan, we also offer a wide variety of other Korean favorites and specialties from our Hot buffet table.  Japchae and Korean hot wings are a must try and Kimchi fried rice and lightly breaded tilapia will impress your taste buds!




  1.  Prime Black Angus Rib Eye Steak

  2.  Pineapple Kalbi Steak

  3.  Chadolbaegi - thin sliced brisket

  4.  Prime Black Angus Bulgogi 

  5.  Beef Belly

  6.  Spicy Bulgogi

  7.  Prime Black Angus Beef Tongue

  8.  LA Kalbi 

  9.  Spicy Pork Bulgogi

10.  Samgyupsal – pork belly 

11.  Hangjungsal – garlic/salt/peppered pork

12.  Spicy Samgyupsal – spicy pork belly

13.  Marinated Pork Loin

14.  Salt & Pepper Pork Chop

15.  Thin sliced pork belly 

16.  Chicken Bulgogi – marinated chicken




17.  Spicy Chicken

18.  Spicy Beef Tripe

19.  Gopchang – marinated small intestine

20.  Squid Bulgogi – marinated squid

21.  Spicy Squid

22.  Tilapia

23.  Ddukbboki – spicy rice cake

24.  Soondooboo – soft tofu soup

25.  Hearty Seaweed Soup with Beef Slices

26.  Steamed White Rice

27.  Vegetable Fried Rice

28.  Kimchi Fried Rice

29.  Lightly Breaded Tilapia

30.  Japchae – potato glass noodle

31.  Korean Hot Wing

32.  Sweet Soysauce Fried Chicken with    

       Crusted Peanut